Guillermo’s Message

Different, but in the best way
A message from Guillermo’s.

I believe all people live by aesthetics in some way. So often I hear conversations discrediting aesthetics — the theory and appreciation of beauty in nature, art, and taste — as if living by the aesthetic is somehow socially unacceptable. However, it is this philosophy that makes us feel the way we do when we listen to a certain song, enjoy a special someone’s company, or eat food.

I have had difficulty describing what has been and continues to be created at Guillermo’s. How can you describe the food, the environment, the culture? It’s an independent entity with an equally strong personality.

What contributes to Guillermo’s and its character is the balance and interaction of the customers, staff, and food. I scale the restaurant to see people laughing, engaged with one another, sharing in conversation, all while enjoying a drink and a meal. Now, I have to mention the dishes can be a bit…Como se dice… intimidating? Unconventional? It’s different… perhaps a blend of cultures. Guillermo ’s, though an Italian establishment, infuses San Antonio’s Tex-Mex culture into its menu, including a variety of items from the Classic Meatball Marina to Empanadas. Though it seems a bit strange, especially to new customers, there is a method to Guillermo’s madness. It all relates to the staff: the backstage crew. Guillermo’ staff is rich in culture, each coming from and sharing their cultural experiences.
What may seem “odd” to include in a dish has a reason and a purpose. So give it a try. Explore taste and flavor.

Like all businesses, Guillermo’s can be better — it has the potential to grow, mature, and develop into something it has never been before. We’re constantly working on the environment, food, and service because we strive to be better for our customers.

I invite you to grab a drink, take a seat, and enjoy.

Live daringly, Eat boldly.

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