Guillermo’s Ghost

Guillermo’s Employees’ Ghost Experiences

  • One night two staff members were closing down the kitchen when all of a sudden they heard the mop bucket rolling in the front of the restaurant and then it sounded like someone had thrown it but they had the only mop bucket in the kitchen with them.
  • A staff member was opening up the restaurant and went to the front by the registers to deactivate the alarm when he saw a shadow passing by the back.
  • Several employees have seen a white shadow sitting down on the bench that is on the front by the entrance, and then seen it walk towards the bathroom.
  • Some employees have experienced being touched or having the feeling like someone has passed by them closely.
  • Early one morning an electrician came in to put in some new lights. A member of the staff let him in and then went back to work. The electrician came from the front dining area to the kitchen to ask if there was any one else here with them. The staff member named Moises told him no and asked why, the electrician responded that he had heard children’s voices.
  • It’s been reported that you can hear loud footsteps on the roof in the morning when no one should be there.
  • Some servers have reported to have found some of their belongings moved when they are closing for the day.
  • Most of the chefs have heard someone hitting the wall that is facing the catering closet in the front dining area when no one goes in that closet since its only for storage.
  • Employees have frequently seen a shadow walking across the main dining room.
  • One employee saw a face in one of the windows of the front dining room but you would need to be on a ladder in order to reach the height of the window so he went outside to go check and there was nothing there.
  • Some employees have heard footsteps in all the restrooms and when they have gone to check, the restrooms are empty.
  • The door of the restroom in the back building has opened on its own and sometimes when you try to close it, it feels like someone is lightly tugging on it to open it.
  • One employee had opened up the restaurant by himself and was in the restroom in the catering room when he heard someone walking there. He came out thinking another employee had arrived but no one was there.
  • Guillermo was having a meeting with his staff one morning before opening the restaurant when he heard the door of that leads to the patio open then saw a shadow pass by. Thinking it was a customer, he sent an employee looking for them but there was no one and they double checked the parking lot but it was empty.